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Vending machines with organic and fair trade products

We offer vending machines that can be graphically customized to communicate to customers, products that are better for our bodies and better for the environment.

We have eliminated plastic in favor of compostable cups and wooden stirrers. Our distributors also allow the use of personal cups.

In our vending machines you will find hot, cold drinks and snacks that provide healthier option.

fornitori caffè per bar

Turning to fair trade is also an ethical choice. Our products come from organizations such as Altromercato, Liberomondo and Vagamondi.

We supply energy-saving vending machines, graphically customized and adapted to the size of your business.



With respect to the environment we aim to reduce waste by using materials that are recyclable. We also work with our clients to show how cost effective the use of reusable personal cups can be. As an alternative, we can provide 100% compostable cups and stirrers. The protection of our environment starts from a respectful and low-polluting agriculture: this is why we choose and offer certified organic hot drinks, produced according to fair trade criteria, such as our Ethicru brand of coffee, barley and ginseng. Also have a rich selection of sweet snacks and organic cold drinks under the Altromercato brand. Such as the Bribon line, the Pequena bars, Barrita nuts or the Guirò and Tuka snacks, or the dried fruit of Chico Mendes Modena, such as the Amazon walnut.


Even a coffee break in the workplace should be dedicated to wellness and respecting the most diverse needs and good food choices. For this we can equip our vending machines with sweet and savory snacks for every type : wholemeal products, gluten-free, with low energy density, with a higher content of micronutrients and antioxidants (single-portion fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh fruit juices, yogurt, salads of cereals, legumes, etc.)


In addition to the environment, we should also respect the work of the individual: it is one of the founding principles of fair trade. Ask the question of how workers are treated? Who produce the basic raw materials that we then find in our hot drinks and snacks. That we consume every day, such as coffee, chocolate, tea, cane sugar and dried fruit. This ethical choice gives consumers a genuine connection and value to the products. For this reason, companies that choose PuntoEquo services we offer products from fair trade, certified by Fairtrade International such as our Ethicru coffee, or the dried fruit of Chico Mendes Modena, or products made by Italian organizations such as CTM Altromercato, Liberomondo scs, Altra Qualità scs and Vagamondi cooperative.


Our automatic catering service is aimed at all small, medium and large companies and public administrations.
The vending machines are given as a free loan , and are graphically customizable, to communicate the companies choice of values and and also strengthen the concept of brand identity .
The installation, refueling, cleaning and ordinary and maintenance of the vending machines are guaranteed.

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