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PuntoEquo provide coffee pod machines, suitable for the office or medium or small company, with fair trade and organic products. We offer 1 year guarantee on all our products. We also provide training and maintanance for our customers.

We only offer compostable paper pods, to avoid the non-differentiable waste typical of plastic or aluminum capsules.

Our price list includes fair trade and organic hot drinks. Ethicru, Altromercato, Equocaffè coffee blends and alternative drinks (barley, decaffeinated, chicory, ginseng, tea and herbal teas).

With the pods, we supply compostable cups and wooden stirrers. We encourage the use of our accessories by applying discounts on the coffee pods.

To taste a perfect espresso coffee in your office you need a machine that is easy to use, designed for professional extraction. This is why, we at PuntoEquo only use high quality machines, built in Italy made in the regions of Emilia Romagna and Lombardia .



We have always offered espresso coffee in compostable pods, avoiding the traditional capsules made of plastic and aluminum distributed by most of the roasters, small and large. Unlike generic paper pods, Ethicru pods are certified compostable by DIN CERTCO according to the European Standard EN 13432. A further demonstration of our care for the environment. And also to the consumer, the pod system is quality assuranced and in terms of taste, thanks to the consistency of the result achieved through mechanical pressing.

capsule caffè altromercato


Our cups are produced in paper coupled with Mater-Bi or with PLA, biocompatible and compostable materials. To discourage the use of disposable accessories, we reward those who opt for reusable personal cups and spoons with a discount on the price of coffee pods .


Together with our pod machines we offer you a wide range of coffees, many organic and fair trade certified. All our products comes from fair trade organizations that are members of WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization) such as Altromercato who guarantees a fair relationship with producers, as well as product quality and a respect for the environment. We also distribute the Huehuetenango coffee a single origin Guatemala, coming from Slow Food presidia and L’Albero del Caffè, a blend of the highest quality, with organic raw materials and cooperation projects, processed by an excellent micro-roaster.
We also offer fair trade barley coffee, organic fair decaffeinated coffee (with decaffeination based on water vapor), chicory coffee, vegan ginseng coffee without added sugar, tea and herbal teas from organic farming .


For a perfect espresso in the office you need a machine designed for a professional extraction, but easy to use. This is why we at PuntoEquo only provide machines of high quality built in Italy, made in the regions of Emilia Romagna and Lombardia. Delivered throughout Europe and UK. In addition, we offer a 1 year guarantee. We repair and maintain individual machines and follow the ‘Right to Repair’ ethos to extend the useful life of each product, always guaranteeing high standards of performance and thus reducing the production of waste.

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