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Professional machines for coffee beans

For a busy restaurant or cafe, that wants to offer a perfect Italian coffee but also supportive of the community and organic producers..
Available throughout Europe and UK .

We supply machines to premises that want to serve customers quickly, efficiently and without sacrificing quality. We guarantee assistance after sale.

This is our brand that includes different blends and various single origin coffees. Organic, fair and supporting the farming community. For Italian espresso and for other extractions (French coffee, American coffee …).

macchine caffe' in comodato d'uso

Communicating the value of an organic and fair trade coffee, it is essential to share principles and objectives with your customers. For this we provide Ethicru-branded marketing tools.


Barley, ginseng, mix of cereals: always under the Ethicru brand, and always organic, they are designed to offer a quality and alternative to those who do not want an espresso.



Our offer is aimed at operators in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector who support sustainable, fair trade and organic products. But still want to maintain high quality service with large volume of customers.

Hotels, restaurants, cafes, catering companies, bed & breakfasts, farmhouses, pizzerias … we provide coffee machines , with one / two / three brewing groups, with grinder-doser, cup warmer, hot water and steam dispenser.

We can also offer equipment suitable for different extraction methods and consumption of American coffee, French coffee, syphon .

We distribute all over Europe and UK .


Marketing is important way to share the values and quality of our products. That is why we help our customers to communicate, by providing Ethicru-branded reusable accessories with logo. As well as suitable packaging and communication materials.

Thus, together with our products, we provide coffee cups, cappuccino cups, saucers, napkin holders, sugar holders, all Ethicru branded. Personalized signage, Ethicru brown sugar sachets, wall stickers and signs… Because it is important to show you care.


Our blends are made using the highest quality raw materials, organic certified and imported from fair trade producers. A guarantee of respect for the environment, for workers and human health.

Our blends combine coffee from different sources in order to obtain a fragrant espresso, with a full harmonious intense taste and a persistent crema.

Organic coffee farming eliminates synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, which causes environmental pollution and poisoning of the workers and local communities. Thanks to organic farming the ecosystem is rebuilt, the plantation becomes a living organism and in balance with nature.

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