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Compostable pod machines

With our compostable coffee pods, you are supporting fair trade producers, respecting your well-being and caring for the environment. We provide high quality and reliable Italian coffee machines and Ethicru products throughout Europe and UK.

We only offer compostable paper pods, to avoid the non-differentiable waste typical of plastic or aluminum capsules. We always guarantee an excellent espresso.

Ethicru coffee and alternative hot drinks (barley coffee, decaffeinated, chicory, ginseng, tea and herbal teas), to make every moment of the day enjoyable.

Choosing our coffee is a gesture of personal care and well-being but also an act of respect to the environment and the producers.

Our coffee pod machines are made in Italy to guarantee the best espresso experience even at home. We deliver all over Europe and UK.


Compostable coffee pods

We have always offered only coffee in compostable pods, avoiding the traditional capsules made of plastic and aluminum, distributed by most of the roasters. Unlike generic paper pods, Ethicru pods are 100% compostable because they are certified by DIN CERTCO according to the European Standard EN 13432. A further demonstration of our care for the environment. For the consumer our pod system guarantees high quality extraction – thanks to the consistency achieved through mechanical pressing .

A choice that respects everyone

We strongly believe that there cannot be a perfect cup if the producers are not remunerated with the right price . Long-lasting and continuous relationships with the countries that produce coffee, respect for workers’ rights, equal opportunities, attention to the environment and support for local communities are essential values for us. Values that we bring to your home to share every day. Only an ecosystem that respect the consumer, the environment and a sincere and genuine passion for work can bring an excellent cup of coffee. Good for those who produce it and for those who consume it.


Together with our coffe pod machines we offer you a wide range of coffees, organic and fair trade certified. All our products comes from fair trade organizations that are members of WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization) such as Altromercato who guarantees a fair relationship with producers, as well as product quality and respect for the environment. We also distribute the Huehuetenango coffee a single origin from Guatemala. This coffee comes from Slow Food presidia and is made from plants of Coffea arabica cultivated in the shade of high trees. The coffee berries are hand-harvested, picked one by one and placed in a wicker basket tied round the harvester’s waist with a vine cord. The beans are extracted from the berries with a gentle fermentation that begins within four hours of harvesting and lasts 24 to 36 hours.
In the wide range of products available you can also choose fair trade barley coffee , organic fair decaffeinated coffee (with decaffeination based on water vapor), chicory coffee, vegan ginseng coffee without added sugar, tea and herbal teas from organic farming to make every moment of your day enjoyable, from breakfast to after dinner .

We care about you

To taste a perfect espresso also in your home you need a machine designed for professional extraction, but easy to use . This is why we provide only high quality machines. They are made in Italy in the region of Emilia Romagna and Lombardia. We deliver all over Europe and UK. We offer a 1 year guarantee on all our products. In addition, our laboratory will repair and replace components to extend the life of each machine, we always guarantee high standards of performance and service.

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