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Pod coffee machines for all kind of cafe

They guarantee better quality in the cup even for small consumptions, they do not require maintenance and easy to clean . Not enough for you? In addition to the machines, we provide a “ Coffee list” To satisfy even the most demanding customers.

We only offer compostable paper pods, as well as shot glasses, to avoid the non-differentiable waste typical of plastic or aluminum capsules.

We guarantee our assistance throughout Italy and at every stage of the life of our professional pod machines and equipment for coffee other than espresso.

macchina caffè cialde comodato d'uso

Our price list includes fair trade and organic hot drinks. Ethicru, Altromercato, Equocaffè coffee blends and alternative drinks (from barley coffee to herbal teas).

We help you to build a “coffee list” to let the most curious and refined customers discover new aromas and new stories.



The pod system it is to be preferred over the typical plastic or aluminum capsules for various reasons: on the one hand it allows avoid undifferentiated waste unavoidable with capsules, on the other guarantees an excellent espresso coffee , ease of use, consistency of the result thanks to mechanical pressing.
Together with the pods we can supply paper cups coupled with Mater-Bi or PLA, biocompatible and compostable materials. The supply of accessories also includes sachets of fair trade, raw and semi-refined cane sugar under the Ethicru brand. To discourage the use of disposable accessories, we reward those who decide to use personal reusable cups and spoons with a discount on the price of coffee pods.


Alongside the coffee blends pods under the Ethicru, CTM-Altromercato, Equocaffè, L’Albero del Caffè brands, we offer a wide range of alternative drinks, organic, such as barley, ginseng, chicory, decaffeinated, green tea, black tea, relaxing, purifying, digestive herbal tea and fennel infusion. A rich list, with drinks for all moments of the day and for all tastes, dedicated to those who do not always want an espresso.


According to your needs, we supply coffee machines in compostable pods, in free loan and with assistance included , with one or two brewing groups, with steam wand for making excellent cappuccinos and boiling water for all kinds of herbal teas and teas. In addition to the Italian espresso we can offer equipment suitable for American coffee, French press, syphon, for the most demanding palates.
The proposal is mainly focused at catering operators (other than bars that make large numbers) who want stand out from others offering customers an always perfect italian espresso coffee that comes from commercial producers fair trade and certified organic. Catering companies, delicatessens, bed & breakfasts, farmhouses, trattorias can find here the right answer to always live up to their offer.


Organic and solidarity coffee is a world extremely rich in stories, colors, flavors. This is why we decided to offer you restorers the opportunity to build atailor-made “Coffee list” that allows your most demanding, curious and refined customers to savor new aromas helping them to grasp the differences that exist between the various origins. Not only. We communicate the value of our Ethicru product through coffee cups, cappuccino cups, saucers, napkin holders, sugar holders, brown sugar sachets, all branded with our brand, and accompanied by personalized signs, wall stickers, signs… Because, to share, it is important to communicate.

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