A break that unites

The value of a company is also demonstrated through the attention it pays to well-being of its employees . We at PuntoEquo will take care of this with a coffee break of value and quality.

Choosing fair trade products and services means making an investment with multiple positive implications. On the one hand, there is the opportunity to implement a project of CSR is sustainable supply chain at no cost (our distributors and machines are on loan for use), on the other hand the possibility of offering your employees and guests a moment of relaxation in the respect for the environment and man .

We can provide branded refreshment points, to thus also strengthen the concept of corporate identity, and solutions suitable for working realities of any size. May they be vending machines or machines a pods , we have the right solution for your business.

fornitori caffè per bar

vending machines

The vending machines are suitable for medium or large companies and can be equipped with coffee, hot and cold drinks and sweet and savory snacks, fair trade, organic products and products that look to the well-being of the consumer as well as respect for the producer and the environment and products on customer request.

pods for office

Pod machines , on free loan and for which we guarantee assistance, are suitable for offices and medium-small businesses. We supply compostable pods for the consumption of coffee in different blends, as well as barley coffee, chicory or ginseng, tea and herbal teas, and all kinds of environmentally friendly accessories.


Our line of gifts is designed to pay homage (at Christmas, Easter, and other anniversaries) to employees, customers, suppliers with products that reflect the philosophy of sustainability that you have espoused in your coffee break. Yet another act of generosity towards others and towards the environment, one more way to communicate your fair and supportive choice.


Solidarity buying groups in the company? Why not. For this need, you can make our catalog of fair trade food products available to your employees that can be ordered all year round to be served every day as well as on special occasions. For sustainable and responsible spending.

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