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We are a fair trade organization

We provide services for a fair and sustainable coffee break : we propose solutions for companies, bars and individuals . Our assistance network covers almost all of Italy. We are committed to our customers for a sustainable economy.

Cooperative since 2007

Punto Equo was born as a cooperative in 2007 to promote the products and values of fair Trade beyond the traditional channels of retail distribution. We bring fair trade products directly to companies, bars, schools and other places of work, study or leisure. We are partners of the Italian World Shops Association andFairtrade licensees .

Coffee break services

Our job is to bring fair trade where coffee is consumed. Vending machines, coffee machines for bars, pod machines: for every consumption need we take care of the supply of products and assistance on machines .

We serve all of Italy

Our operational offices are a Milan and Turin , but thanks to our service network and our technical partnerships we bring our services all over Italy . We are equipped with an internal laboratory for the repair and regeneration of machines, we intervene in case of failure and deliver on average within 24 hours .

Our team

We are a group of people with different experiences behind : there are those who have worked in the field of vending machines and technical assistance, those who have studied marketing, some economics, those who have made environmental activism, those who have always been committed to international cooperation and those who have worked in the IT field. We share a dream , which we have transformed in our work: give our children a better world . We do it every day through fair trade .

Every day our customers share our project

Every day they join us incommitment to a better world families, restaurateurs and companies and who have chosen us as suppliers. From the bartender that wants to share support for fair trade and respect for the environment with its customers to the consumer critic who wants to enjoy a coffee that is also respectful of the work of those who produced it, up to the company or organization engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility projects, which is preparing its own Sustainability Report o that it is certifying EMAS (Community eco-management and audit system), ISO 14001 (environmental management system), UNI ISO 20400 (sustainable purchasing), ISO 37101 (sustainable community management), ISO 20121 (management of sustainable events) or that is working for one Green Supply Chain , an increasingly sustainable supply chain for humans and the environment.

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Piedmont operational headquarters
Via Trieste 11
Pavone Canavese (To)

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