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From breakfast to evening meal, you can fill every moment of your day with quality. Alone or with family and friends our pod coffee machines offer fair trade products, of the highest quality, that respects the environment and those who grow it. Choosing organic means to respect our bodies but also the environment, the producers and workers. A choice of flavours, because we offer a wide range of Ethicru coffee and Altromercato products, to be enjoyed with our pod machines and also alternative hot drinks (barley coffee, decaffeinated, chicory, ginseng, tea and herbal teas).


For a perfect coffee at home you need a machine designed for professional brewing, but easy to use.
This is why our co-operative provide machines of high build quality made in Italy in the regions of Emilia Romagna and Lombardia, distributed throughout Europe and UK . Our machines are made in Italy and they guarantee a perfect espresso cup, and they work with compostable paper pods.


From coffee beans to ground coffee, suitable for all types of coffee brewing. From our rich choice of Ethicru coffee blends you can make every moment of the day enjoyable.


With our online sales service we offer delivery directly to your home or workplace, with a wide range of food products available. We deliver all over Europe and UK coffee, sugar, cocoa, flour, biscuits, chocolate, spices, oil, sauces, pasta, rice, cereals, legumes, baked goods, seeds and dried fruit.

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