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Whether you prefer coffee made with moka Neapolitan, a perfect Italian expresso, or alternative extractions, Ethicru coffee provides the raw materials and the right roasting and grinding to satisfy all tastes. For you and your guests.

Our Ethicru coffee blends are made with the highest quality raw materials, purchased at a fair price and with organic certification.

For those who cannot give up drinking a moka, and looking for the taste of freshly ground coffee at home.

If you choose fair trade coffee products, you care about you and support the environment and the farmers and workers.

We have the right blend for those looking for new aromas with different extraction techniques, such as the French press, the syphon, the dripper, the aeropress …

ETHICRU, 360-degree quality

ETHICRU coffee tells us a story about the slow rhythms of the earth, about the knowledge of the communities that inhabit it, about the dignity of those who work with dedication, and the consequent recognition of a fair price.
The raw materials come mainly from producers supported by Shadhilly cooperative, an Italian fair trade organization specializing in the import of “green” coffee bean. Master roasters take care in selecting and slow roasting the coffee bean, in the best Italian coffee traditions.

A fair and supportive choice

We strongly believe that there cannot be quality coffee if the producers are not remunerated fairly . Long-lasting and continuous relationships with the countries that produce coffee, respect for workers’ rights, equal opportunities, attention to the environment and support for local communities are essential values for us. Values that we bring to your home to share everyday. Only an ecosystem of respect for man, the environment and a sincere and genuine passion for work, can bring an excellent coffee. Good for those who produce it and for those who consume it.

Ground Coffee and Roasted Beans to brew at Home

From morning to evening, we have a large selection of Italian coffee products. You can choose between different blends, espressos, Arabica and single origin from Guatemala, India, Ethiopia and Nicaragua. Available in 250 gram pack. Can’t resist the aroma of a freshly made grind? You can order our roasted coffee beans.

French Press, Siphon and others

Not the usual cup of espresso. Even in Italy, more and more people love to experiment with different extraction methods. For this the Ethicru blends, are available with different roasting profiles and grinding levels, depending on the equipment chosen. So coffee lovers can search for particular aromatic notes that each extraction technique allows to release. From the French press to the syphon, from the dripper to the aeropress PuntoEquo guides you to discover a coffee that is different every time.

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