We work every day for a sustainable economy for human and the environment

We are a fair trade organization. Our project supports producers in the South of the world and protects the environment with organic farming. We are constantly involved to reduce packaging and energy consumption, produce less plastic waste and promote reuse.

social sustainability

We are convinced that the fair Trade is the best answer that companies and consumers can give to the problem of the exploitation of producers in the South of the world.

Our relationship with producers of coffee (and not only) is managed directly by our importer friends, such as Shadhilly, Altromercato or L’Albero del Caffè, on the basis of fair trade criteria.

We are committed to taking care of the supply chain from cultivation to the cup.
The processing takes place with the craftsmanship of small and medium-sized Italian partner companies.

Our coffees are guaranteed by independent bodies such as Fairtrade, Equogarantito and World Fair Trade Organization.

Distribution and customer service are our job: we are member of Associazione Botteghe del mondo , licensees Fairtrade and we are among the more than 300 organizations worldwide that have recognized the International Fair Trade Charter . The profits of the cooperative are reinvested for the corporate purpose.

In each product there are stories of people, territories and communities. By choosing our service and our products, our customers every day they support the farmers with us in the fight against climate change , in recognition of a fair price and in the defense of human rights .

environmental sustainability

Fair trade protects the dignity and development of producers and their communities and at the same time respects the environment in a concrete way.

Participating producers receive an economic reward to switch to biological agriculture , so as to eliminate the pollution caused by chemical fertilizers and pesticides. For promote biodiversity the integration of commercial crops with products destined for the local community economy is encouraged.

The reduction of the environmental impact it also passes through a correct management of the equipment and a careful choice of the wrapping and accessories for the administration of the products.

This is why we have chosen not to produce aluminum or plastic coffee capsules. For single-portion coffee we use only compostable paper pods .

We are also eliminating aluminum from our wrapping, to make the recyclable packaging and reduce unsorted waste as much as possible.

We encourage the reuse with discounts on the price of products if you choose reusable cups, mugs and spoons.

In companies, to reduce the consumption of water in plastic bottles, we propose to install water columns connected to the water mains with the supply of personalized water bottles washable and reusable.

In addition, we provide a range of environmentally friendly accessories: compostable shot glasses (in paper laminated with Mater-bi or PLA) e wooden scoops made of bamboo.

In the maintenance of coffee machines, our internal laboratory carries out a careful work of replacing the parts subject to wear and refurbishing the components, so as to extend the useful life of the equipment is reduce waste production .

We source coffee machines and equipment energy saving exclusively produced in Italy.

economic sustainability

We are active on the market since 2007 and have more than 500 customers, who choose our products also for their economic sustainability.

For our customer restaurateurs the economic sustainability of our services is not only a price in line with the market , but it is also the opportunity to satisfy the growing demand for ethical and healthy products to be consumed even outside the home. It is the possibility of differentiating on the market, offering quality and value to customers final and receiving in return trust, satisfaction and loyalty . In addition to fair, supportive and quality products, we supply to our cafes supports , branded cups and sachets of sugar, ad hoc communication materials.

For companies choosing PuntoEquo vending machines and coffee machines means being able to transmit your values to employees even during the break from work. It is the opportunity to implement a CSR project and sustainable supply chain at no cost (the service is on free loan), gaining employee involvement andreputation towards customers. The food outlets are branded and the products are highly distinctive.

For the final consumer , is the possibility of making quality and critical consumption choices while also respecting the family budget.

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